About Emerson

Emerson belongs here. She just does.
That is what I want to say, because really, I could fill pages and pages about our little girl. I could tell you how sweet she was, how she was the one that would stop whatever she was doing the second I walked in the door chanting "Mama's home, Mama's home" with such excitement, even if I had only been gone minutes. I could tell you how she would come into my bed each morning and tuck me under my quilt just so, how she would then arrange her own blankie over her and she would put her baby hands on my cheeks and tell me so intensely "I wuv you so much mama, so much". Or maybe I could tell you about her sense of humor, how at only 2 she knew just how to tweak her sisters and was often in on the joke with her dada. Or what a great sister she was, how she would tell her sisters every morning to "Get up lazy bones!" and how she did not hesitate to get in between them and restore peace when they were fighting.

Maybe I should tell you about her sweet tooth and how she loved sneaking oreos and hiding behind the curtains to eat them, her chocolaty grin and sparkling eyes giving her away every time. Or I could tell you how she had such an enthusiasm for everything she did, how she could never walk but always trotted around the house, eager to get on to her next activity and how quiet the house is without those little footsteps; even when it is so loud I can not hear myself think. I could tell you how she loved shoes and was constantly clomping around the house in everyone's but her own, but would pull off her socks and shoes to have "nakie toes" the very second you put her in the car no matter what the temperature out. I could tell you what a big heart she had and how concerned she would be for the characters in her books or on tv when they were upset or how sweet she was trying to sing me back the lullaby I would sing to her. I could share how she loved to "dip" food; pancakes in syrup, turkey in gravy and how she would tell us "It's deWiciuos!" as she shoveled it in. Or how she loved animals, Dora the Explorer and especially Boots the monkey. I could tell you that I loved to go shopping with her, that I would trade her goldfish crackers for kisses in the grocery store, that she always wanted to buy a toothbrush and she was impossible to get to sit still in a stroller. I could tell you how she always wanted to be included in everything and be just like her big sisters saying "I come too, I dance too, I float too". Or how under her curls on the back of her neck there was the softest little spot I loved to kiss so gently. I could tell you that she gave hugs no one else can, putting her arms so tightly around my neck and always under my hair never on top. That she would dance with her dada "cheek to cheek" around the kitchen while I cooked dinner. That her pinkie finger curled when she held a crayon, that her voice was always sing-songy and how she loved to wear feetie pajamas.
I could tell you so much, but there are no words to truly capture all that Emerson was and had the potential to become. So instead, I will tell you that our hearts are broken every second we are no longer with our little girl and that there are no words that can truly convey the depth of our love or our pain.

 Emerson belongs here, she just does.